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How To Order

In the ordering process you just choose the product you want by:

  1. To make the ordering process you must login first, customers can choose the product that will be ordered.
  2. Special for new customers who are not already registered you must first register to become a member and login customers.
  3. After that you can choose the product you are going to the message into your shopping cart.
  4. Then you can make the payment process for the large number of products in a message added costs.
  5. Costs listed in the total purchase depending on the distance nearby destination. We will confirm the return of the shipping cost if there are changes depending on the weight of the order to be sent.


 How To Pay

To process payments in this transaction may transfer or cash deposit :

  1. If the transfer system must be paid by way of the total transfer your payment to one of the banks that have been listed in the transaction process. 
  2. If a cash deposit must be paid to how to do a total cash deposit your payment into a bank account that already contained in the transaction process.
  3. If you have not paid your order Your order will not/will not be sent.
  4. f you have made payment confirmation immediately by selecting one of the ways to confirm the following directions :
  • Fill a confirmation form available on this website, or
  • Send SMS to 081394530080 confirmation statement that you have made the transfer.
  • BCA: 0600551779 - A.N SUSILASTRI

    Mandiri: 9000030349832 - A.N AGUS PUJIANTO

    BNI: 0131969555 - Wisnu Dhata

    Rekening BRI . 0409-01-000299-30-2 an. CV.Art Strawberry.

How To Delivery

  1. Products you have purchased we will send an expedition through the services that we believe already 
  2. Any damage to the product (during the sending process) is still in our responsibility.
  3. We have to make sure the product in good condition before delivery process and ensure that the goods received by the buyer in good condition.